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Beef Chew Chips 1lb


1 lb of naturally and chicken beef chew chicken chips are a special treat for any size dog! Featuring an easy to reseal zipper, chips are a perfect way to keep any dog busy chewing on something healthy all day long.


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Beef Ear Chews


Ten naturally flavored ear chews, a special treat or training reward for any size dog!

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Cow Tails


Naturally flavored beef cow tails for any size dog- every switch is fully digestible and full of collagen to help not only your dogs instinct to chew but their joints as well.

3 Tails per pack

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The one count ear is a perfect chew toy for any size dog! Ears are fully digestible and are a nutritious chew treat for any dog.


Medium Bone 1 Count

One medium (7-8″) naturally flavored beef chew, a special treat for a small dog!

  • Made in Wisconsin
  • Sourced, Processed, Packaged in the U.S.A
  • Food Safety Certified
  • Fully Traceable to the Source


Mega Roll


Mega Rolls are 11 inches long and 2 inches thick. Frankly Mega Rolls are made for Mega chewers! Double the size of regular rolls.


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Moozle Beef Chew


Naturally flavored beef moozles for any size dog – the solution for your dog’s natural inclination to chew.

Variety Pack


A variety of bones and wraps to surprise any dog with different treats! Featuring an easy to reseal zipper.