All-Natural Beefhide Dog Bones

Frankly Pet Brand…Candidly the Best

Inspiration can strike at any minute. In the love of your pet’s eyes, on a romp through the dog park, in the quiet morning hours sipping a cup of coffee as you scratch a belly. At Frankly, we believe in relationships. Between pets and owners, between cats and dogs, and between businesses and advisors.

The Frankly name was inspired by a friend and mentor in the industry…someone with exacting standards like us. Frank is a man who knows that being a good business owner is like being a good pet owner – it takes dedication, commitment, and taking time out for a little fun. Frankly speaking…we think our name was an obvious choice.

Whether it’s Chewy the Chihuahua, Harvey the Hound dog, or a Shepherd Mix named Ella, dogs of all sizes can agree on one thing: Frankly all-natural beefhide dog bones are a special treat.

And because you tell them all your secrets, we’ll tell you all of ours.
From 100% American Raised beef to environmentally-friendly processing, we believe in only the best. That’s why you’ll only find Frankly in select grocery and pet stores. We aren’t run of the mill or the runt of the litter…Frankly is a pedigreed product that’s perfect for any pooch. Our philosophy is simple and straightforward…just like our name.

Unlike other products made overseas with harsh chemical processing and long manufacturing processes that can lead to safety issues and recalls, Frankly dog bones go from USA farms to dog bowls across our country every day.

It all starts with our relationship with local beef processing plants and leather tanneries, and continues with our chemical-free methods of cleaning and drying hides in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner. Naturally safe and hand-tied by our team, your dog will enjoy the all natural beef hide bones. And, our chicken flavored products might just be the greatest spin on beef your dog has tasted yet.


Give them the Best Because they Make you the Best


100% Made in USA

Raised and made on American soil, our beefhide bones provide your dog with a safe, high-quality chewing experience. Frankly products help sustain our farming communities and the appetites of the dogs across this great nation of ours.


Each Frankly beefhide bone is fully traceable back to its source. Our lot tracking software and systems are “best of breed” because your little fuzz face deserves the best. When it comes to safety and reliability, Frankly is fully accountable for our product.

Environmentally Friendly

Beefhide is made with cuts that normally would be discarded, preventing those materials from entering landfills and carbon dioxide from damaging our ecosystems. And, all water used during manufacturing is cleaned and recycled, a truly environmentally friendly process.

Food Grade

A man’s best friend deserves a treat that would be safe enough to share. At Frankly, all products are made from food-grade sources. While you might not fight over our beefhide bones with your pup, know that he’s getting the very best.

Good For Dog's Oral Health

Beneficial to your pet’s oral health, beefhide bones provide not only the mental and physical stimulation that puppies and dogs of all ages so desperately need, they also help remove plaque. Everyone knows that dogs don’t like to floss.


Our beefhide treats are made with the same ingredient as the collagen people take for their health! Collagen strengthens joints, prevents injuries, and keeps their nails and coat healthy. Not to mention they’ll enjoy the taste and is part of a balanced, healthy diet!

Large, Small, and In-Between, Frankly Offers Bones for Any Sized Dog

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