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The best safety procedures come from our facility, only in the USA.

All products are made using environmentally sustainable practices.

Each Product is Sourced from USDA cattle born and raised in the USA.

Products are given sanitation checks every single day, ensuring shelf life and freshness.


100% Made in USA

Raised and made on American soil, our beef chews provide your dog with a safe, high-quality chewing experience. Frankly products help sustain our farming communities and the appetites of the dogs across this great nation of ours.


Each Frankly beef chew is fully traceable back to its source. Our lot tracking software and systems are “best of breed” because your best friend deserves the best. When it comes to safety and reliability, Frankly is fully accountable for our product.

Earth Friendly

At Frankly, we only use materials that are USA- and locally-sourced, lowering our carbon footprint. We also reduce waste by using all the raw materials from the beef corium layer of the cattle, which otherwise would not be used.

Food Grade

A man’s best friend deserves a treat that would be safe enough to share. At Frankly, all products are made from food-grade sources. While you might not fight over our beef chew with your pup, know that he’s getting the very best.

Good For Dog's Oral Health

Beneficial to your pet’s oral health, beef chews provide not only the mental and physical stimulation that puppies and dogs of all ages so desperately need, they also help remove plaque. Everyone knows that dogs don’t like to floss.

100% Collagen

Our beef chews are the same as collagen powder people take for their health! Collagen strengthens joints, prevents injuries, and keeps their nails and coat healthy. Not to mention dogs enjoy the taste and is part of a balanced, healthy diet!

All-Natural Beef Chews

Frankly Pet Brand…Candidly the Best

Meet Reagan. A loving and energetic German Shepherd. Like most puppies, she chewed everything in site. Carpet, bed frames, dog bones, and more. If she could get her ever-growing puppy paws on it, she would turn it into her own personal chew toy.

One day around Reagan’s second birthday, this insatiable appetite disappeared. She had no energy to play and couldn’t keep food down. Reagan’s parents turned to the vet for help. Five days of Intensive Care. Five days of looking for an answer. And after five days, realizing they couldn’t find the source of her illness. Her humans were devastated, but motivated to make a difference for their still weak Reagan.

They started looking for the very best in food and treats – something they could control, because you can’t always predict what a puppy will chew! They knew the right choice was a USA brand, made by a reliable company, traceable back to the source.

But a treat solution was nowhere to be found. And despite her strict medicated food diet, not giving Reagan treats was out of the question!

That’s why we exist. That’s why we believe in full traceability. And that’s why we’re the only treat in Reagan’s home. Because the source of our product feeds the source of your fur-ever love!

Frankly dog chews go from USA farms to dog bowls across our country everyday. What makes our Beef Chews different? We do NOT use harsh chemical processing and long manufacturing processes that can lead to safety issues.

It all starts with our relationship with local beef companies and continues with our chemical free production methods in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. Chews naturally safe and hand tied by our team, your dog will Frankly, love them.